Possible: 31 Ways to Recreate Your Life

Six years ago I boarded a ferry in New Zealand's South with my family and the by the time we landed in Wellington, my 17 year marriage was over a new chapter of my life had begun.

When something happens that completely knocks you for six, it may seem impossible to pick up the pieces and move on. How do you recreate yourself after a divorce or breakup, the death of a significant other, or a traumatic injury. How do you recreate yourself when you've had a lifetime of believing you're not enough.

In Possible: 31 Ways to Recreate Your Life you'll discover that it's not your circumstances or others that define you. You can choose how you show up every single day. Your future is in your hands.

My book is that little guiding light in the distance when you can't see your way through the fog. 

Let me take you by the hand and show you, so you can begin to live a life that lights you up.

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