Women entrepreneurs: Why you’re not the problem in your business

women entrepreneurs, you are not the problem in your businessPeople often ask me why I’m so passionate about supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs, given that I’m a birth doula by trade. I guess it stems from the many years I’ve spent working with women who’ve been damaged and traumatised because they weren’t empowered and respected in childbirth. Despite women having truly broken through the glass ceiling on many fronts, there is still this underlying theme where women seem to have to prove themselves as capable.

Mercifully, the tide is shifting, with more and more women diving in and setting up their dream businesses, on their own steam, following their own passions and not the agendas of faceless corporations. However, in my work as a content marketing mentor, I’ve seen it’s not uncommon for women entrepreneurs to doubt themselves, especially when things don’t seem to be clicking for them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if things aren’t working in your business, you are not the problem!

You are talented, unique and perfectly capable of achieving your dreams. So, don’t let the nagging little voices in your head wear you down and convince you that you aren’t enough.

When things go awry in childbirth, many women blame themselves, or their bodies, and they lose confidence in their ability to birth and sometimes in their ability to parent (mainly because they missed out on the flood of hormones after a natural birth that help this process along). The reality is often that something, somewhere has let them down in the process and 9 times out of 10 a difficult birth can be put down to a baby’s position in uteri (which may or may not be influenced by the environment a woman is in, how safe she feels and whether or not her needs are being met).

As a birth doula I work with my clients to shift babies that are not in the ideal position for birth. I have lots of tricks up my sleave that don’t involve drugs or surgery. However, if a woman doesn’t have that kind of help and support, she can be left to think that she is the problem.

The same can be true in business. Amazingly gifted women can be led to believe that the reason their businesses aren’t booming is because there is something wrong with them.

Well, that’s a myth that needs to be blown away right now!

The truth is, more often than not, if you’re not enjoying the success you hoped for, 9 times out of 10 it’s once again down to positioning.

Why your success depends on positioning

Positioning on your website

Is your website design leading new potential clients to subscribe for your updates or buy from you on the spot? Is your website design making it easy for people to share your content, comment on your posts and connect with you on social media?

Positioning your brand

Is your brand speaking to a specific niche or are you still trying to appeal to just about everybody? Are you harnessing your unique set of keywords so that your ideal clients can find you on Google? Are you using free tools like the Google Author tag so that your content shows prominently in any Google search?

Positioning your presence

Are you active on social media? Are you responding to people quickly? Are you responding at all?

Positioning your authority

Are you showing your ideal clients that you are the authority in your niche, that you can help them and that you are respected by other authorities in your niche?

If positioning is letting you down, then you clearly aren’t the problem. All of these areas can be fixed easily once you start addressing the gaps in your marketing system.

Still think you’re the problem?

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  • Natalie Hennessey

    I love the analogy between birthing and business. I had a little aha moment too and obviously need to try a different position. Thanks.

    • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

      Thanks Natalie! It amazes me how many parallels can be drawn between birth and business… In my experience, a change in position is always good (in both). :-) Thanks for commenting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heaven.jelo Heaven Jelo

    Thanks for Cas.. I really had a great time reading your work!!