Why it pays to be the real you in your branding on social media

do you put the real you into your online branding

With some of the awesome real women I connected with (Amanda Hoffman, Louisa Gormley, Karen Gunton, and Clare Fitzgerald) at the Problogger Training Event!

Do people recognise you at live events from your Facebook avatar?

Is your in-real-life branding consistent with how you portray yourself online?

If not, you might be leaving money on the table. Here’s why…

Last weekend I met many incredible people at the Problogger Training Event on the Gold Coast, Australia and there were quite a few people I recognised from their Facebook Avatars. However, there were also those who I knew in the online space, but had difficulty finding and connecting with in real life because they were different in real life to how they portrayed themselves online and not just in appearance. Some people behaved completely differently to how I expected them to and I walked away feeling confused.

Why It’s Important To Be Real

I’ve always been really honest and open about who I am on and offline. For me, it’s important that when people meet me in the flesh, they feel comfortable with me, warts and all. It’s part of the brand building experiencebe you, be genuine, be real and be relatable–that doesn’t mean be perfect!

The biggest takeaway for me last weekend was not about success, glamour, celebrity or breakthrough technology. The biggest takeaway was that your stories make you relatable and when people relate to you, they like you. And when they like you, they are more likely to want to align themselves with you and do business with you.

Your stories make you relatable and when people relate to you, they like you. And when they like you, they are more likely to want to align themselves with you and do business with you.

How Underlying Insecurities Can Hamper Your Personal Brand

It’s such a simple concept. So, why do people waste energy trying to be something they are not?

My take on this is that, if there’s a glaring differential between the online and offline persona, there’s an underlying insecurity. And insecurity often stems from all the baggage you carry from your past.

I used to be really insecure. I was a different kid who didn’t fit in with the normal world. I’d second guess myself a lot, but the funny thing about being in business for yourself is that you actually go through an amazing personal growth journey. The past four years have changed me. I’ve learned so much, and continue to learn everyday.

At Problogger I focused on spending time with people who were genuine, and who genuinely cared about others. And, as a result I’ve forged some friendships and business relationships that will last long into the future. Just wait till you see what we’ve got planned!

If you’ve been reluctant to put the real you into your branding, I encourage you to rethink this.

It can feel scary to put the flawed, imperfect and vulnerable you out into the world, especially when you run your own business but the reward is phenomenal when people want to do business with you because you are the real deal.

Do you put the real you in your online branding? Leave a comment below!

  • MayKingTea

    I couldn’t agree more Caroline! Seeing people online and then meeting them in real life where they’re not the same as their profile picture, and appear completely different from their online persona doesn’t resonate with me. For me, I would tend to back away and wouldn’t consider doing business with them or collaborating, because to be honest, authentic and genuine are very important to me. This is why I am extremely open about my personal life. I want people to understand who I am, because if they like me as a person, they might be inquisitive to learn more about my businesses. If they like my business vision and mission, then they’re more like to want to build relationships with me. This is what I strive for. But for people who’s online persona doesn’t match their real life persona, this isn’t my cup of tea. Great arTEAcle Caroline. Thank you for writing it with honesTEA and integriTEA :)

    • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

      Thanks May King! I agree. I don’t think I’d like to work with someone who felt the need to hide who they really are on social media.

  • http://getsocialco.com/ Nicole Underwood

    Love this! And yes, I’m as real as it gets. Trying to keep a separate personality online sounds like WAY too much work!

    • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

      Definitely way more work Nicole! Thanks for commenting!

  • treb072410

    Love it! Thanks for sharing a very informative post Cas! I really had a very informative read!

  • Jeanne

    I couldn’t agree more Cas… great post and one I’d like to share. It’s relevant to what I do and so important to not only look real, show your face and share your stuff, but to be real in person. Good job! Jeanne x

    • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

      Thanks Jeanne and thanks for sharing too!

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