New Facebook Business Page Notifications

new Facebook Business Page notifications

Wowzers! It seems there was something in the air last week. A general discontent with Facebook Page algorithms translated into a plethora of articles similar to the one I posted here: At the same time I was venting about edge rank, Jon Loomer was crowdsourcing this great post:

And then this news from Facebook (big thanks to Mari Smith for tipping me off):

So, what does the new “notifications” option mean for businesses on Facebook?

Business Page notifications promises to work a lot like your Close Friends list. You’ll get notifications for any business page status updates you check the box for. Fantastic huh?

The thing is, this means that businesses will need to lift their game or risk losing that tick of approval from their fans, and given how hard it’s been to be seen in the newsfeed, not having a tick could make for a very quiet page. If you’ve ever posted a question only to come back 12 hours later and find no one’s replied, you’ll know just how that feels.

Here’s the potential impact of the new notifications option:

  1. You can stop posting just for the sake of it. Phew! It was all seeming like a lot of hard work for nothing eh!
  2. You need to make every post count. Be boring and annoying at your peril. Spam people and you’ll quickly get bounced off people’s notifications. You have been warned.
  3. It means you can stop wasting money on promoted posts that just aren’t worth paying to promote.
  4. You can stay up-to-date on pages you truly love to interact with.
  5. You can also keep a closer eye on your competitors, if that’s something you like to do.
  6. You can add influential people’s pages to your notifications to develop important relationships and open the door for collaborations.

What do you think of Business Page notifications? Is it a good thing? Will it really make a difference to your business? I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

  • Maree McWha

    I think this is a good idea.. but am disappointed I don’t see this get notifications option :-(