The following workshops and packages have been developed to help you zero-in on where the gaps are in your marketing, find your ideal client and develop a content strategy squarely aimed at the people you want to work with.

Marketing Audit & Report

If you are doing social media marketing, blogging etc, but you aren’t getting the results you hoped for, the Content Marketing Cardiology Marketing Audit and Report is designed to give you a thorough understanding of where the gaps are in your marketing mix.

The thing is, if your online marketing isn’t working for you and you don’t do anything about it,  you will be missing out on business, guaranteed. Worse still, you might decide to give up, and that would be a travesty. Too many small businesses fold because of problems that could have been easily fixed. You don’t need to be one of them!

The Process

  • I send you a detailed questionnaire to determine the gaps in your online marketing.
  • We then meet-up via Skype or in person (for local businesses) to go through your questionnaire and start putting together an action plan.
  • After the workshop, I review your responses and your online presence, and write a report of my findings and recommendations for moving forward.

Find Your Ideal Client –VIP Workshop

Do you know who you are attracting to your business?

Are they who you need to be attracting?

You’d be amazed at how many businesses waste time and energy working hard to attract THE WRONG PEOPLE. Here’s what this approach produces:

  • Frustration
  • Low conversions
  • Problem clients and customers

In the Find Your Ideal Client Workshop you will:

  • gain clarity about who your ideal client really is (In other words, you’ll work out who it is you really want to work with),
  • build a detailed profile of his or her online preferences, habits and hangouts (You’ll also be able to zero in on his or her needs, struggles and desires. This enables you to build a content strategy with your ideal client in mind), and
  • have the information you need to start rewiring your marketing to reach your ideal client.

Every business owner has an ideal client in mind. You just may not know it yet. Here’s what one of my Content Marketing Cardiology clients had to say about this segment in her program:

content marketing cardiology testimonial

The Process

This 2 hour workshop is one-on-one via Skype or in person (for local businesses).

I then take this information and write you a report identifying online and offline marketing strategies to help you attract your ideal client, and develop a content strategy squarely aimed at him/her.

Bonus: Because you also need to know where the gaps are in your online marketing, I include the online marketing audit questionnaire and report in this package!

Create Your Content Marketing Strategy – VIP Workshop

A done-for-you 12-month content marketing plan for your business!

Stop wasting your time pitching your business at people who will never buy from you. Instead, start building real relationships with potential clients both on and offline.

Through this eight hour workshop (which you can do either in one day, or over a period of days or weeks if you prefer), I help you to hone-in on exactly:

  • who you need to be talking to,
  • where you need to be establishing your online presence, and
  • what content strategies you need to be using to reach your ideal clients.

Together, we nut out a 12-month content marketing strategy to kick-start your online marketing and ensure you don’t waste precious time and money on strategies that don’t deliver.

The Process

  • We start with the Marketing Audit and Report and the Find Your Ideal Client Workshop (included in this package).
  • After doing these workshops and discussing basic content ideas with you, I then research keyword phrases and questions your ideal client may have, research social hangouts, forums, blogs etc, and develop a done-for-you 12-month content calendar.
  • We then meet again online to fine-tune the content strategy and calendar.

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