Professionally designed and optimised E-catalogues and magazines

  • Option 1: My team and I create and sub-edit the entire publication from scratch in consultation with you. I upload, convert, and optimise the file as a flipbook. Prices start from $150 for a 2 sided flyer to approx $6000 for a professionally produced 32 page magazine that you can distribute electronically or in full colour print.
  • Option 2: You provide the finished file, I upload, convert and optimise the file as a flipbook: $100

Flip-book magazines and catalogues are an awesome way to showcase your brand, create engagement and build relationships with potential clients. They are highly shareable and can be a terrific way to build buzz and community around your brand on social media. When you engage me to create your e-magazine or catalogue, the result will be a professionally-designed catalogue or e-magazine, optimised for social sharing and for sales. In addition to designing your e-publication, I will also professionally proof-read and edit the copy to ensure every sentence conveys the value of your brand, service and products.

Example E-magazines and Catalogues










Additional Services

Professionally written articles: My team and I can research, write and edit articles for your publication, targeted at your ideal clients. If you are interested in this service, please let me know when we discuss your project.

Professional Printing: I can also organise quotes for your magazine to be printed in bulk quantities by experienced magazine printing companies. Please ask me about this service when we discuss your project.

The Process:

  • We meet on Skype, phone or, if local, in person to discuss your project. I will then prepare a quote based on the size of the publication and your individual needs.
  • If I’m creating your flip-book from scratch, we’ll create a virtual folder for file sharing images and text.
  • If you are providing the finished PDF for me to upload and convert into a flip-book, I will first check that it is optimised for sharing and interaction on social media and then upload and convert the file into a flip-book.
  • Once the publication is ready, I will upload and convert the file and optimise it for social sharing and embedding on your website.
  • If needed, I will embed the file on your website for you (or if you prefer to do it yourself, I can simply give you the code).

General Terms:

  • If the client is providing the copy, the client will need to supply the final proof-read copy as word documents with no images. Each article or section must be in a separate word document and labelled to indicate which section it is for.
  • If images are to be interspersed with copy, you must supply these separately as large, high resolution jpeg, eps/ai or PDF files. Each image must be labelled and captions supplied in a Word Document.
  • The client is liable for any additional costs associated with the downloading and use of stock imagery. Clients will be consulted with in relation to this and an estimate provided in the initial quote.
  • The client must comply with all copyright laws in relation to the provision of copy and images. Clients must stipulate that they have permission to use and publish images and copy when they sign off on the quote. The client retains copyright of the finished publication.
  • If third party advertising is to be included in your publication, you must supply the ads in high resolution format with bleeds, if needed (ie. Extra space around the ads. This is for ads that sit on the page edge). If we are to create the ads for your advertisers, this can be done at a rate of $65 per hour.
  • A 10% deposit is payable at the start of this project. Final payment is due upon project completion.
  • Includes up to 10 alterations to the publication (It is much more efficient (not to mention, less expensive) to make several changes at once rather than sending through changes in individual emails, so you will be asked to make comments/edits directly on the PDF files I send you for proof-reading). Additional alternations will be charged at $40 per hour.