Do this one thing and your social media brand community will thrive

build your brand community

Have you noticed a sudden drop in reach on Facebook?

If you have, you may not be imagining things. Facebook have openly stated that they want to improve the quality of posts in the newsfeed to put a stop to marketers gaming the system or flooding the newsfeed with low quality images and content.

And, a post on Ad Age that’s doing the rounds is claiming that Facebook has admitted to deliberately squeezing organic reach yet again.

If this is true, it means there’s more pressure on you as a small business owner to provide relevant, engaging, fun and helpful content for your fans.

If you’re tearing your hair out trying to figure out just how to accomplish that, you’re not alone!

Build your brand community

One of the key strategies I teach my clients is to build a brand community. You can do this in a number of ways and through a variety of platforms such as Facebook Groups, your Page, Google Plus Communities, LinkedIn Groups, forums, membership programs and by simply feeding your prospects through to your mailing list.

What is a brand community? It’s a community of people with a common interest who follow your brand, engage with you regularly and share your content.

Having a solid, loyal community behind your brand is crucial if you want to minimize unnecessary ad spend, and increase your reach and conversions. However, there is an art to building a thriving brand community.

If you’d like to know the one thing you can do to really ramp up your brand community on social media, watch the video below.

In this video I’m going to share with what it is most successful brand communities do that could really make a difference to your social media marketing success.

Have you ever thought to create your own brand community outside of your Page on Facebook? Have you had any success? Leave a comment below.

  • Di

    Thanks Cas for your upfront, simple and clear suggestions….Love reading your work…cheers Di

    • Cas McCullough

      Hey there Di! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Have a lovely holiday season!