PODCAST: How to find influencers in your niche on Twitter to get the conversation started for your business [Episode 4]

How to find influencers on twitter

You’ve signed up for Twitter. Now what? How do you find people to connect with? More importantly, how do you find the right people to connect with and how can you get the conversation started? Lots of business people and entrepreneurs sign up to Twitter with the intention of building connections and feeding people into […]

PODCAST: How to create enticing subscriber offers that are highly relevant to the people you want to reach [Episode 2]

How to entice subscribers in a blog post

One of the things that online marketers espouse is creating a free subscriber offer on your website. The reason for this is to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your list. If all you do is place a subscription form on your website and say “sign up here!” the likelihood of people actually doing […]

PODCAST: Why content marketing is like backing up a trailer [Episode 1]

Why content marketing is like backing up a trailer

Content marketing and the whole inbound philosophy centres around altruism. It is more about giving than it is about receiving. However, many marketers are still stuck in outdated marketing models. They think they need to sell, sell, sell in order to get maximum exposure on social media. The problem for small businesses using this approach […]

20 Ideas for Turning Your Audience into Participants

why participant is trumping audience

Recently I attended the Melbourne production of Strictly Ballroom. Yep, that’s right! The famous film by Baz Luhrmann has now been turned into a musical. Always a fan of the theatre, it struck me how different the experience is these days, compared to when my parents dragged me off to see Phantom of the Opera […]

5 Canva Hacks to Help You Create Stunning Visual Media for Your Small Business

Forget the cake, take the whole damn cake shop

I’ll never forget the wonder I felt when I first played with a Mac. My brother owned one of the first desktop publishing companies in Australia and he had invited me to do work experience at his business. I couldn’t believe the ease with which you could create images on a screen. It was dazzling […]

The power of the blogger community

With Daniel Rose and Merryl DeFiddes in the Sitingray Bar after Problogger 2014

Since returning home from Problogger just over a week ago, I’ve been mulling over what this event means to me, and I’ve realised that it’s not the awesome presentations, the beautiful food, the special touches laid out by the tireless Problogger staff or the super fun party atmosphere… no, it’s way more subtle than that. […]

Content fills a hole but stories are balm for the soul


Everybody and their cat has been talking about content and how it’s king or queen or something in between, but I’ve noticed that these very words can send chills up a small business owner’s spine. What I hear consistently is this: “It’s too hard, too scary, too overwhelming. I can’t do that.” There seems to […]

Why this blog post went viral

Why this blog post went viral

At the Content Marketing World Conference I attended in Sydney last month, Social Media expert Mark Schaefer said that if you want your content to move (ie. be seen, heard and shared widely), then you need to be more human. Well, last week Mark’s theory proved true when a blog post I wrote on the […]

How to tune in to your inner creative genius and produce powerful content

how to tune in to your inner creative genius so you can create powerful content

Are you more of a numbers person than a creative type? Do you find it hard to get into a creative space, with all the distractions in your life? Perhaps you’re a left-brain, practical type who likes to dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s, or you have the challenge of juggling a busy family […]