How to tune in to your inner creative genius and produce powerful content

how to tune in to your inner creative genius so you can create powerful content

Are you more of a numbers person than a creative type? Do you find it hard to get into a creative space, with all the distractions in your life? Perhaps you’re a left-brain, practical type who likes to dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s, or you have the challenge of juggling a busy family […]

Why the launch webinar is a marketing dinosaur

why the launch webinar is a marketing dinosaur

The other day a webinar invite caught my attention. It was on a topic that was relevant for me, and despite the little voice in my head screaming “don’t do it!” I signed up to listen in. I don’t know why I sat through the entire 68 minutes. Perhaps it was a vain hope that, […]

How to get your head around content marketing so you can get started on your content plan

help don't sell

When people ask me what I do, the most common question I hear is: What is content marketing? My usual response is to refer to Marcus Sheridan’s story about River Pools, because it’s a classic, kick-ass explanation of what content marketing is all about and how big brands and small can get started. I recently […]

Why I haven’t written a blog post in a month

this too shall pass

Yes, it’s true. I haven’t put fingers to keyboard for a month now on my blog. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. One reason is that I’ve been busy with my new startup The Likeability Company. In the past month we’ve started our new Podcast show The Social Media Panel (you can listen to […]

Hold the phone: Calling prospects is okay in inbound marketing. Here’s why and when.

when is it okay to call prospects

I have an aversion to phones when it comes to talking to clients. I’m way more comfortable with the written word, and yet talking on the phone has been one of the best tools in my marketing toolkit. I was off camping with my kids and setting up a tent when I closed my first […]

How to update-proof your social media marketing

how to update proof your social media marketing

Are you worried about Facebook and Google updates wrecking your visibility on social media? Do the constant algorithm changes do your head in? Well, if that’s you, I have good news! Today’s post is going to share with you 5 ways in which you can build active, fun and profitable social media channels, regardless of […]

Five ways you might be sabotaging your social media success

are you sabotaging your business on social media?

Self-sabotage is something that every entrepreneur has to deal with at some point on the journey. It’s why being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest personal development programs out there. Forget Dr Phil, just start a business and you’ll learn heaps about yourself. When it comes to social media, though, there are things you […]

What do you want to be known for in 2014?

What do you want to be known for in 2014

I’m not gonna lie, the end of 2013 was hard. Sometimes life can leave you feeling like you’re in a bowling alley, only you’re the pins and you keep being knocked off your feet, only to be positioned back in the firing line. Yes, that pretty much describes my last two months. However, I’ve decided […]

Why back-linking as an SEO strategy sucks

SEO tip: dofollow vs nofollow

Okay, so I’m not an SEO genius…. It’s all a little too left-brain for me. Gimme something creative to do like create a content strategy, write a post about something interesting, or design a magazine and I’m your gal but SEO, pfft! That said, SEO is a necessary part of a good content marketing strategy. […]

Do this one thing and your social media brand community will thrive

Having a solid, loyal community behind

Have you noticed a sudden drop in reach on Facebook? If you have, you may not be imagining things. Facebook have openly stated that they want to improve the quality of posts in the newsfeed to put a stop to marketers gaming the system or flooding the newsfeed with low quality images and content. And, […]