A confidence booster for when you’re feeling overwhelmed in your small business

a confidence booster for when you're feeling overwhelmed in your business

Late last night I posted something new on my LinkedIn blog. It’s not about content marketing but it is about building your confidence, and that’s important for when you want to tackle content marketing head on and become a self-publisher.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Simply put, I’d been living a lie for the past 20 years. The lie was that I was uncoordinated, and awkward. Stepping back into long lost memories I realised that the lie started when I was at college in the US. I had auditioned for a song and dance performance group and didn’t get in, two years running.

After that I married a man who hated to dance, and so began years of sitting on the sidelines or simply avoiding social activities that required me to wiggle my hips. I slipped into a monotonous dance-free void that meant many nights in front of the TV and little appetite for exercise.

That all changed last year…”

Read the entire blog post on my LinkedIn blog here: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140618141208-114904639-how-i-found-my-dancing-feet-again-in-business-and-life

You may notice the little logo in the bottom right hand side of this image. This is the title of my upcoming book: Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, Entrepreneurship and Making the Leap. I have been writing and rewriting this book for the past 2 years and by the end of this month, it will be sent off to Create Space for printing and publishing.

I’ll be sharing more from the book in future blog posts on this website as well as my new book website (which is currently under construction).

Thanks for your amazing support throughout this journey. Without you, everything I write would be meaningless. Your comments, shares and emails are what keep me going!

If you needed a confidence booster today, this meme and the article on LinkedIn, is for you! Enjoy!

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