5 Interest List tips to give your business a boost on Facebook

interest lists on FacebookI was really excited when Facebook introduced the new Interest Lists last week and today I want to share with you how you can use this new tool to give your business a boost.

Interest Lists help you organize your pages and people that you are following according to different interests or topics. Here’s an article about Interest Lists from Facebook: http://newsroom.fb.com/Announcements/Introducing-Interest-Lists-109.aspx for more info on how interest lists work.

Once you’ve developed a list, you can simply click on the list name and everyone on that list will show up in your newsfeed. Very handy eh!

For businesses, this feature is pure gold and here’s why:

1. You can give public access to your lists.

Once you’ve set up an interest list you, if you make the list public, other people can subscribe to the list. If you curate a great list, then that gives you more kudos with prospects.

2. You can subscribe to lists according to your business interests.

I am already subscribed to a few social media lists so I can keep track of the conversation on latest developments.

3. Lists can be used like a mini-directory.

You can choose various pages to be on specific lists and then share that info with people who are looking for certain things. For instance, I’ve set up a “Business to Business WAHPs” list so that I can easily share services with anyone who lands on my page looking for B2B services.

4. Lists can help you keep track of and respond to prospects and customers on Facebook.

I’ve created lists for Support a WAHP advertisers and members as well as various other groupings of businesses I am interested in both personally and professionally.

5. Lists can encourage interaction on your page. 

If people are networking effectively and building relationships on your page, it makes sense that you’d be more likely to add them to a list and if you’re selective about the businesses you add to lists, this could prove very rewarding for you, the list curator and them, the business featured on your fantastic list.

Over to you…

If you want to have a play with this feature, you can do so now by setting up a list here: https://www.facebook.com/addlist. Have you set up any interest lists yet? If you have, feel free to share them below.