Is¬†marketing a stumbling block? I’d love to help!

I’m Cas McCullough, a content marketing strategist, author, and entrepreneur specialising in helping purpose-driven women business owners and entrepreneurs out of the marketing maze, so they can focus on building meaningful and profitable connections using brilliant content, social media and permission-based marketing strategies.

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Why work with me

As a content marketing strategist, I am different to others in my field because I specialise in women-owned and purpose-driven enterprises. My aim is to help entrepreneurs harness their unique expertise to transform the world, and for this a strategic approach is needed.

How I Help

I help business owners who are struggling with their marketing identify the potholes that are holding up their business growth. I then walk them through how to take action to fix the gaps in their marketing. In addition, through the Brilliant Content Mentoring programs I help them identify gaps in the marketplace, break down their big vision into well-researched, measurable, actionable ideas and tactics based on who they want to reach, and show them the best ways to connect with the people who matter most to their business. Contact me for further information about my strategy, training and content management packages.


What People Are Saying About
Your Brilliant Un-Career, The Book…

“Cas covers business fundamentals really well and also guides the reader into the modern realm of marketing on the web.” Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media and co-author Web Marketing That Works.

“I wish that I had this book when I was starting out!” Meredith Eisenberg, From Paycheck to Passion Podcast

“Her practical step-by-step actions cover key branding and marketing strategies to help you stand out from the crowd.” Annemarie Cross, The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast

“Great book! I started reading this book and finished it in less than a day. So much practical advice!” J. Bateman, Virtual Assistant

“Invest in the time to read what she has to offer, her story is compelling.” Amanda Foy, Remote Reiki Specialist

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Benefits of Working With the Brilliant Content Team

Strategic Content Marketing

The spray and pray approach to social media, email and content marketing does not get results. Therefore I place a heavy emphasis on strategy formation and development based on client consultation and thorough marketplace research. My mantra is "Strategy First. Results Next."

Results Focused Content Implementation & Management

I charge package rates that are results-focused. I offer a variety of done-for-you package structures, so no matter what your content marketing need is, I can help you with it. You simply choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.

Web Marketing and Monetisation Expertise

There is a science to successful online content development and marketing. It's not about hype-filled landing pages and social media numbers... or even subscriber numbers. If there is a gap in your lead generation system, that can lead to poor results. If you're focused on the wrong market, that can lead to a disconnect between your brand and the people you want to reach. I specialise in helping you get your marketing ducks in a row.

Professional Development in Content Marketing

I offer onsite and online training programs aimed at beginner to advanced marketers. Whether you are new to content marketing or you simply have gaps in your knowledge, my proven training programs can be tailored to your needs.

Mastermind Community

At Brilliant Content every ongoing client is invited to join my online Mastermind Community. It's where you can get support, feedback and answers 7 days a week from me and from your peers.

Access to Resources & Templates

All Brilliant Content retainer clients and Mastermind members get unlimited access to my online resources including training webinars, worksheets, content marketing templates, private podcast audios and more. These are updated regularly.

Supporting Women's Economic Development

I am proud to support B1G1 global charities that support the development of women-owned ventures, education and resourcing in developing nations. Every time you purchase my book, or sign up for one of our programs you also help educate, train and resource a woman or girl in a developing nation.

Content Marketing Podcast & Blog

If you are time-poor, the Brilliant Content Ideas show is the perfect content marketing podcast for you! Each episode shares one brilliant content idea, tool, tip, strategy or insight so you can hit the track running with your content marketing and gain momentum to grow your business.

If you are a reader, the blog features many unique, inspirational and practical articles on content marketing.

Latest Episodes & Posts

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Make the leap from employee to entrepreneur, startup, get unstuck, and grow! In this podcast, women entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs share their stories, tips, and experiences to help you shift from stuck to inspired, from dreamer to doer. Proudly brought to you by my book and the book’s 33 bonus expert interviews, templates and affirmations. Download them for free here. I also share “Making the Leap” stories from women around the world. If you would like to be featured on the Podcast, sign up here.

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